How well you managed the inspection

"On behalf of my wife and I, please accept our sincere appreciation for the recent home inspection at our property in Knox County, Maine.  There are many factors, which prompted my desire to mention how well you managed the inspection, from our initial contact to arrange the appointment; performing the onsite inspection; providing written reports and documentation.  In particular, I appreciated your scheduling an appointment that was convenient to my wife and my schedules, so we could both be present.  What was quite interesting to me, since I generally take pride in knowing my properties, is how well you documented items that require further attention.  Your detailed explanations will assist my working with other contractors in alleviating the identified problems.   Something that may seem trivial, did get my attention.  Since my wife and I have two dogs, within our house, your work did not excite them, so they would bark throughout the inspection.  For me, this demonstrated how careful you were around the property and kept disturbances to a minimum.  For all of this…thank you, very much, and best wishes in your future business endeavors."

G.M., Knox County, Maine